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Welcome to PHAD Fife

People with High Functioning Autistic Disorders

PHAD Fife Website

PHAD Fife is a charity founded in 1995 to help families and carers of sufferers of high-functioning autistic disorders such as Asperger's Syndrome and Semantic Pragmatic Disorder - the ably autistic.

Since then we have been seeking to raise awareness of autism in the wider community and promote mutual understanding between high-functioning autistic individuals and the rest of our diverse society.

Unfortunately the future of the group is now under threat, with a changing social climate making it hard to attract new Committee members to share the workload. We are exploring various solutions, and will post new information here in due course. Meanwhile please do not contact us with questions about autism support services, we don't presently have the people to handle this. Instead contact Fife Action on Autism.

Website issues - suspension of updates

We will not be making regular updates to this site until the situation regarding the future of PHAD has become clearer. You can still use the Contact PHAD link on the left to get in touch with the Webmaster about anything presently on the site that doesn't work as it should, or about any factual errors in the website content. Please do not email the Webmaster with questions on any other matters, we will not be able to help you

In the meantime our Facebook page is still being updated.



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People on the Autistic/Aspergers spectrum are part of humanity's rich neurological diversity. Wouldn't it be a shame if we were all the same?

 PHAD Fife is a recognised Scottish Charity No. SC 027932 
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